No Birds Eaten Here…

Mock 2 TG13

Mock TG13

Even though they all look nice and plump on Thanksgiving Day!

Verdin TG13_edited-1

Hum 1 TG13

Hum 2 TG13

Hum TG

I would like to eat one.

I would love to eat one.

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!


6 responses to “No Birds Eaten Here…

  1. All of our little bird friends (and the squirrel) ate well today and were safe.

  2. These pretty birds are the person’s delight, the cat’s desire! Fine shooting, Candice.

  3. They are beautiful, Candace, and I so love the last photograph here. What a beautiful pose.

  4. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    don’t you just love the intensity in puss’ eyes 🙂 Gorgeous photos, Candace. Such fine, small creatures.

  5. Candace ~ I hope the holiday season is off to a good start at your house! Charming post 🙂 Glad your kitty is down low and birds are safely roosting on high!
    Wishing you a great week.

  6. I love the little snowfall!! Poor kitty, must’ve starved 😉

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