In the Shadows

Pine Cones

So I did something fun yesterday. I took the day off work and did a class with Nikonians Academy. It was an 8 hour class for $250 but I learned a lot more about my Nikon D7100 than I knew before. There is actually another class today (for another $250) but I need to get some Christmas shopping done and I just couldn’t justify sinking $500 right before Christmas. Maybe another time although they only come to Phoenix every year or so.

Edie TG13_edited-1

It was quite informative, though. I finally feel like I have a handle on the autofocus options, which were overwhelming me before, and I think I can start shooting aperture-priority more effectively, which is my preferred way to shoot.


It made me realize how little I know about photography, in general, and digital photography, in particular, even after almost 30 years of studying, photo classes, and shooting.

Stripey Shadow 2

The guy that taught it, Mike Hagen, not only works for Nikonians Academy but writes books and has his own company, Visual Adventures, where he leads photography trips and workshops all over the world. He just got back from a photo safari to Africa but has also been to Iceland, Hawaii, and the Galapagos Islands, as well as several other places in the continental US this year alone. He does the Galapagos trip annually. I would love to do that sometime but it’s just a tiny bit pricey for me.

Stripey Shadows

He takes beautiful and exotic photos on all his adventures. And I get excited taking pictures of hummingbirds, butterflies, cats in my yard, and the occasional roadtrip. I guess it’s all relative. Check out his website sometime, he has photo tips and various free downloads, especially if you shoot with a Nikon, and you can see his photos.

Svengi Lion

He had photos of real lions but I do think Svengali looks fairly lionesque here, right?


4 thoughts on “In the Shadows

  1. The workshop sounds very good. Every lens has better f-stops resolution wise than others. So aperture priority has some distinct advantages. Our automation tends to make it too easy to just click away on automatic.


  2. I’m so jealous! One of these days, I’ll have time to take a photography class! Everything I know is self-taught, and I’m longing for the day that the various shooting modes are natural for me!


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