Hib TG13

Okay, so when I say “freezing” here, I don’t mean really freezing cold like so many other places in the US right now but it did literally freeze 2 nights ago. I covered my hibiscus and other fragile plants so they should be okay.


California Pepper
California Pepper

It’s the lantana that is especially vulnerable to freezing. Last year all our lantana froze and turned black and shriveled up but, by spring, they were blooming and bigger than ever, attracting butterflies and other pollinators.


Here’s something you may not see where you live. This is how cacti are protected here from freezing…styrofoam!



It’s an unusual sight but it’s what people here do. Keep warm wherever you are, however you can…


5 thoughts on “Freezing

  1. I love the styrofoam! I’ve never seen that before! I really do miss the flower in the winter season: thanks for the pictures!
    I remember few freezing nights in the Phoenix area, but one night up in Bloody Basin on a Javelina hunt our Jerry can of water froze solid during the night.


  2. Wow! that is cold for AZ.
    Here in NY this morning???
    4 degrees.
    It was a VERY cold run this morning, and I actually stopped early.
    I love all of the wonderful color you have there. We have gray, and quite a bit of white!! Hoping it will stay for Christmas.


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