2013 Year of the Birds

DSC_0004 blue fade

At the end of every year, I do a blog summary of highlights but, when you take thousands of photos a year (as most of us do) and post about a variety of things, it’s hard to whittle it down. So the last couple of years, I’ve identified a theme that I posted about during the year and 2013 has to be BIRDS! This is the year I discovered how much I love them and love taking their photos and, also, the year I realized how much I would like a 400mm lens or at least a 300mm.

But I got a lot of shots I was pretty happy with from my 200mm and a little cropping so here are some of my favorite bird shots of 2013, pretty much in chronological order, beginning with the flying geese above.


Vermilion Flycatcher

DSC_0022 crop

Northern Mockingbird

DSC_0012 crop

Anna’s Hummingbird



Cormorant 2




Great Blue Heron


Great Egret

Canada Goose

Canada Goose

Stilt 1

Black-Necked Stilt

White-Crowned Sparrow

White-Crowned Sparrow

dsc_0508 a

dsc_0529-crop a

Harris’ Hawk

DSC_0452 no noise

Hummer Ftn

Mock Pose 1

Northern Mockingbird


Wet (Starling?)

DSC_1022 reduced noise

Great Blue Heron


Click on the hummer above if he isn’t animated.

DSC_1396 crop

Harris’ Hawks

Duck at Watson


Finch Front




H-Bird 2 10.13.13

Verdin 10.6.13_edited-1



Great Egret

Heron Black-Crowned Night 10.2.13

Black-Crowned Night Heron



Yin and Yang

Mallards (Yin and Yang)


Gambel’s Quail

CW 2

Cactus Wren


In Audubon Magazine, there was an article called “Ten Reasons to be Thankful for Birds,” this is #10:

They just are.

We have all been transported by simply watching a flying bird.

We have been lifted out of ourselves; we have felt our hearts race when the wings flash by.

Every one of us has seen what really matters–seen it in the blistering stoop of a peregrine, heard it in the richly harmonic dawn song of a thrush, caught its essence in the slow undulations of white pelicans against a blue sky.

And we’ve realized that for those moments, we were privileged to experience something beyond ourselves–that older, greater, glorious world that a wild bird inhabits, and which through its very existence embodies and makes vivid to us.

So, on to 2014…Happy New Year!


10 thoughts on “2013 Year of the Birds

  1. Those are superb photos, Candace, especially the hummers! I love birds and make sure that the few species that winter here have food available. They are fascinating little creatures. I was pleased today to see that Goldeneyes have returned to the river here for the winter.


  2. A gorgeous series of bird shots. Your 200mm lens is doing a beautiful job for you. You process the pictures well when you crop too. Nice work, Candace. The Harris Hawk turned out to be my favorite.


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