Mocks Rock, Too


Although I spend more time in our yard observing the many hummingbirds and trying to get the perfect shot of them, I also enjoy the plentiful mockingbirds who live in our neighborhood and make it a prettier place, both visually and aurally.


(Click on photos for more detail.)


Northern Mockingbirds sing all through the day, and often into the night. Most nocturnal singers are unmated males, which sing more than mated males during the day, too. Nighttime singing is more common during the full moon (All About Birds).


Northern Mockingbirds continue to add new sounds to their repertoires throughout their lives. A male may learn around 200 songs throughout its life (All About Birds).

Mock 2_edited-1

A couple of my past faves of these handsome and entertaining birds:

DSC_0020 crop

DSC_0035 crop


3 thoughts on “Mocks Rock, Too

  1. I love mockingbirds, and although we hear them here in the summer, we don’t actually see many of them. I think they are really beautiful birds, and your photographs of them are wonderful, Candace.

    Happy Sunday to you!


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