Cats Just Wanna Have Fun

Stripey Bokeh

Stripey posing.

Stripe Rolling

Stripey rolling.

Ivory Profile

Ivory in profile.

Eb in Tunnel

Ebony in his “safe” tunnel.

Edie in Brush

Edie in the brush.

Jessi Cat Tree

Jessi in the cat tree.


Winky drinking.

Sveng 2

Svengali thinking in the morning light.

Svengi 1.19.14

Svengali playing.

Goog Seeping

Sleepy Google.

Mar Seepin

Sleepy Marbles.

Stripey in Cat House

Stripey in the cat tree.


Piper, one of the many neighbor cats.


(Illustration by Teresa Burns Parkhurst.)

Sveng Paw

3 thoughts on “Cats Just Wanna Have Fun

  1. I like your cat series. You got such a good variety of cats and their expressions. The one I like the best was Svengali who looked so intent with a no-nonsense attitude.


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