February in Phoenix

Hummer Eating Bug Music

Bug. It’s what’s for dinner. (Click photos for more detail.)


This is how it looks in Phoenix right now. It might look a little different than where you are (especially this year).


Kumquats? The scent of citrus blossoms will fill the air in another month or so…


Yellow Marc

Rocks Crop

My first butterfly of the year in our yard! A Painted Lady.


Wall Crop

Hib Bud

Don’t feel bad if all you see where you live is white…in a few months while you’re enjoying your summers, we’ll be sweating it out and wishing it was over…back to the way it is now.

Pink Petunias

But for now, the beginnings of spring have arrived…


6 thoughts on “February in Phoenix

  1. The African daisies poked their heads up to check out the weather, liked what they found, and burst into flower this week. I must take time to remove the remaining grapefruits before the blossoms arrive, but it’s a tradeoff between that and riding my bike through this glorious weather, and so far the bike is winning.


  2. We all have our seasons to deal with. I like the variety in your post and the rich colors. They look so good compared to our white countryside. It is gradually getting lighter in the evenings. It is no longer dark at 4:00PM! 🙂


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