Let’s Build a Nest!



Yup, these guys are~possibly unwisely~building a nest in our cat’s claw vine up under the eaves.

Sveng Up_edited-1

“I think it’s a most excellent idea,” says Svengali, which is why I’m concerned about future baby birdies.

H-Bird 2.18.14


And I have no idea where these guys build their nests but there have to be some close by. I always worry when people (including us) trim their trees and bushes that they will accidentally cut a hummer nest down.


There are at least two elusive verdins around so I hope they keep their nest that way, too.


I would like for all species to stay safe in our yard this spring…and beyond.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Build a Nest!

  1. How wonderful it is to see all of these sweet little ones, Candace!
    Ours are beginning to return very slowly, but I fell so bad for them, since we still are buried under a lot of snow.

    Svengali definitely looks like he is checking out the situation.! 🙂


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