New Butterfly in Town!


So I saw this guy flitting around our yard this past weekend and thought for a minute that it was a Painted Lady, which I have already seen this spring in our yard numerous times.


But something didn’t seem quite right and it was not a Painted Lady, but rather a Red Admiral, of the same Brushfoot family of butterflies (also including Monarchs, Fritillaries, and many more). This is the largest butterfly family with about 6,000 species distributed throughout most of the world.



I love finding new-to-me butterflies (and birds) so it was my lucky day!


We have an inadvertent butterfly garden with all the lantana we have. The butterflies flock to it, and since I’ve already seen several types there this spring, when my first sighting last year was not until April, I’m hoping for many more new varieties this year.


For comparison, this is the Painted Lady I photographed a few days ago:

Rocks Crop

And here’s a bonus moth below. This is a White-Lined Sphinx Moth.

White-Lined Sphinx Moth

Moths are similar to butterflies, but lack a distinct club at tip of antennae and have wing scales with softer edges. Butterflies are mostly diurnal and moths mostly nocturnal – with many exceptions. Our bug lights don’t seem to deter them so we have to work at keeping them outside, by keeping the light by the door off, so Google doesn’t enjoy them for sport and snack. Mothra!

8 thoughts on “New Butterfly in Town!

  1. Such a sweet, gentle post about one of my favorite little creatures. Loved the photo of the Sphinx moth. So good that you take the time to photograph them. First view of Ross’ geese on the ponds. thousands and thousands bobbing about.


  2. I think its great that your have flowers that attract these pretty butterflies. What a treasure to have a busy butterfly place to watch for new ones.
    A fine post!


  3. Weeeee! So happy to hear from You- I was thinking of you the other day, planning a trip to Arizona, and you crossed my mind. I hope you are well. I see you still have your kitties.
    Beautiful butterflies you have around- so pretty with the pink flowers.
    Love to you


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