This cute finch was showing off the other day…(click on photos for more detail.)






He was doing all kinds of acrobatics up in the tree…for another finch. I thought it might be some sort of mating ritual but I think they were both males (although I’m no finch expert) so maybe it was a territorial thing or maybe he was just having a good time.

Finch Wings

At any rate, the other one seemed totally unimpressed.



It rained here on Friday night and Saturday and our internet got knocked out. I’m now sitting in a coffeehouse on Sunday night because I couldn’t take it anymore…it’s a good thing it doesn’t rain here often because, when it does, either our phone or internet frequently go out. CenturyLink is now “waiting for parts” to come in. I feel bad for all the kids in our neighborhood who might have put off their homework until Sunday night and need the internet to get it done…or people who had to get some work done before Monday…

Lantana Waterdrop


5 thoughts on “Show-Off

  1. I always find it so amazing that we have come to depend on the Internet so much. I know for sure, that I would be lost without it. I hope you have it back soon.

    I just love that little finch. He is definitely trying to impress! So sweet.

    Happy day to you, Candace!


  2. A fine capture of this finch’s acrobatic behavior. Too bad about the internet. We have become so dependent on our technical goodies that we don’t do well without them.


  3. Finch acrobatics look like an entertaining pastime to watch 🙂 I’m impressed even if the other bird wasn’t!

    We often lose power during big storms because invariably trees come down on the lines. We even have a backup generator since it is a frequent happening around our woods. It’s during those times that we realize how power dependent we are!

    Hope everything’s back to normal. Take care, Candace.


  4. Some more great captures. It is nearing mating season for finches for sure. And if they were both with the splashes of raspberry then they were both males. Females do not have the raspberry coloring.
    Sounds like your internet problems are very similar to ours when we lived up north.


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