March Mornings

Finch Roof 3.8.14 crop

One of the finches from my last post seems to have gotten the girl.

Finch Tree 2

Here’s the happy couple. I was off work today…I love being out in my yard with camera in hand in the mornings…Some of these were last weekend, some were this morning.


I was so excited to see this guy in our lantana butterfly garden! S/he’s a Gray Hairstreak, which I’ve only seen one other time and it was in Scottsdale, not our yard. (Click photos for more detail in the morning light.)


Hairstreaks are fascinating to me because of their “protective mimicry.” They have “fake” heads on the backs of their wings in order to fool predators as their tails are expendable but, obviously, their heads are not.


And my little buddies, the Skippers are back, too, in full force.


There are so many varieties of Skippers that I’m not sure what this particular one is but he doesn’t look like the ones I usually see, which I always assumed were Fiery Skippers. I’ve been checking my fave website for AZ butterfly ID’ing but I can’t quite figure this one out.




Mock on Roof

The mockingbirds (and hummingbirds) are keeping busy, too.

Bee 3.8.14

And the bees are digging it all, too. Spring is definitely here in Phoenix.


5 thoughts on “March Mornings

  1. You get a fine collection of butterflies. It took the enlargement to full appreciate the rare capture. I enjoyed the other shots too. Early morning is a prime time and I’m glad you have some much activity then. Nice post.


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