We went for a walk on Sunday through Evelyn Hallman Park in Tempe, a park I used to visit a lot over 20 years ago when it was called Canal Park.


I was so excited, toward the end of our walk around the pond there, to see this guy (or girl). In fact, there were 2 of them but I only got shots of one. We first spotted him high in a tree overlooking the pond, searching for a meal. I’ve never seen an egret (or heron) in a tree before.



This is the first Snowy Egret I’ve been able to photograph. What I usually see are the larger Great Egrets (here are some and here is one). Great Egrets have yellow bills and dark legs and feet. Snowy Egrets have dark bills, black legs, and yellow feet (which are somewhat comical).


We saw some other interesting birds and critters there, which I’ll show you in my next post. And he took off, soaring over the pond with his friend…





5 thoughts on “Snowy

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I have never known of these birds to land in a tree, but then my experience with them is extremely limited. The flight shots are superb! WOW captures, Candace!


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