Tony and the Hummer



These are the shots I’ve been wanting to get for ages. I’ve gotten lots of hummer photos…eating at the feeders and sitting in the trees…but I’ve never been able to get them eating at a natural food source (except this). These are our aloe plants out front, right outside our carport, where they dine often but always seem to get away.



The only “bummer” to all of this is that these aren’t my photos, they’re Tony’s, my husband. I wasn’t even home at the time…but my camera was.




This little girl hummingbird wasn’t afraid of him, I guess, so went about having her lunch while he took photos. They always seem to fly off the minute I get the camera when they’re at the aloe.



She looks so cute perching and sipping here.




So I whittled his photos down but I liked all of these too much to not show them. This is a study of a hummingbird feeding. Aren’t they awesome?



I’ll be really jealous if he wins a Pulitzer, though.



8 responses to “Tony and the Hummer

  1. Diane Rapaport

    Love these. Sent an email to my friend Gary Romig about this post who has an website ad lives in Patagonia. One of my favorite bird artists of all time.

  2. Love these! At least, your camera was involved, and I’m sure your hubby was inspired by you!

  3. Amazing creatures, aren’t they? These photos caught their wings nicely.

  4. Way to go, Tony!!!!!!!
    Candace, these are fantastic. I especially love the first one.
    They’re such beautiful, but elusive creatures.
    To my camera, anyway. 🙂

  5. Tony did a fantastic job to get these! They are priceless! Your time will come too and I will look forward to those shots!

  6. Those are amazing shots!!

  7. The series is a superb capture of the eating habits of the hummers. Well, at least your camera get some credit for these shots! 🙂 They are excellent images of the hummers.

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