Back to the Park


So, let’s head back to the park where we saw the Snowy Egret the other day and I’ll show you some more of the local wildlife and scenery. (Click on photos for more detail.)

Checkered White

Checkered White Butterfly…

Gila  Woodpecker

My first Gila Woodpecker…but he went back here, below, before I could get a frontal shot…


Ground Squirrel

Round-tailed Ground Squirrel…he saw his shadow so there will be 6 more months of summer.



Roosting pigeons…




Cormorant 2

What is that on those submerged trees?


A Cormorant! I think it’s the same one mentioned in John Romeo Alpha’s post here…really.


E37! Bingo.






5 thoughts on “Back to the Park

  1. Great photos! I keep forgetting what this time of year looks like down there.
    It’s nice to see the Gila woodpecker: I’ve never seen one I don’t believe. Also the butterfly: I did see a couple here yesterday but they are somewhere out of the rain today.

    Isn’t it nice to have that park and its inhabitants near you!

  2. I liked them all from the rugged bridge to the bird in flight. You have some birds I have never seen in person. The other things in your vicinity are interesting too. Each place we live had some unusual and unique features of interest to others while commonplace to us.

  3. I had to chuckle at your comment about the banded Canada Goose. It seems that may be a bit cumbersome for the poor goose.
    LOVE that first photo of the foot bridge

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