Portholes to the Soul


This is kind of a stupid post but I’ve spent way too much time on this silly little project in the last few days so it’s really all I have to blog about at the moment.

Here’s the brief back story. A couple of months ago at work, a co-worker wrote an email to a third party and copied me on it, telling him that I could assist him with something. She wrote it from her smartphone and it absurdly autocorrected my last name to “Porthole.” I made the mistake of pointing it out to her and several other people and now I am sometimes referred to as “Porthole,” “Ms. Porthole” or even “Portholio.” 🙂 Lovely names, all of them.

One of my co-workers who often uses these names suggested I do a photographic series on portholes. But, this is the desert and there just aren’t too many portholes around. He suggested I use “porthole-like” subjects.

This is a less than 2 minute video that I compiled using the photos. Don’t hold it against me. About half of them are new and the others are from my archives.

This was created in Keynote, converted to Quicktime, and then uploaded to YouTube, which is part of the reason it took so long. And I’m finally done with it.

7 thoughts on “Portholes to the Soul

  1. Hahaha what fun!! I love a good office-nickname 🙂 I was really mad at a woman recently for backing out on a commitment without telling me, so my coworkers teased me and I showed up one day with a bullseye hanging in my office with her business card on it. Silly!!


  2. I think you did an admirable job of finding porthole-like images. Old or new doesn’t matter. I like the video and appreciate all the work that went into this project. Very well done, Candace.


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