Liberate Your Art 2014


This is my 3rd year participating in Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. After all the postcards are sent out to the 200+ artists/recipients, it’s time for the Blog Hop!

This is the card I sent (seen above with other postcards I had made by


And, here are the cards I received in the order I received them, below. In previous years, I scanned the cards for my blog but this year I attempted to photograph them in complementary settings, which is what we were supposed to do. (Click photos to see the true beauty of the postcards.)

Linda Yeatman

From Linda Yeatman.

Adrienne Mason

From Adrienne Mason.

Leslie A

From Leslie A.

Stacie Bebber_edited-1

From Stacie Bebber.

Cathy Brashear

From Cathy Brashear.

Kat Sloma 2

From Kat Sloma, the organizer of this annual postal and online event.

Deanie 1

And…from a sideswap I did with Deanie Houghtaling, who I “met” through this event last year and found out she lives about a mile from me and then who I met in person a few months ago. Deanie shares my love of cats and photography and we need to go out shooting together soon…or at least back out to dinner.

There was also a Facebook group for this event (and an Instagram one, too) where people posted cards as they got them so we could all see a lot of the cards.

So…you can check them out, too, by looking at the blogs of the other participants. And you should join in next year, it’s really fun! Thanks, everyone, and thanks, Kat, for all of your hard work.

Here’s the link to the participating blogs:


25 responses to “Liberate Your Art 2014

  1. This is great fun blog hopping to see all the cards sent and received! Aloha

  2. Love your displays of these pieces of art… great collection! Yours is beautiful too, I love the sweet purple flowers!

  3. I especially like the butterfly/flower one you received- it looks encaustic! The flower card you sent is very pretty- does a great job don’t they!

  4. You’re a veteran – this is my 1st LYA!
    Beautiful cards – both sent and received 🙂
    Lovely to meet you through the swap and Happy Easter from England x

  5. wow, I have been to most of the blogs on the hop and your collection of cards are all new to me. Such good art in this swap!

  6. What a perfect display of Stacie’s card in particular! 🙂

  7. The card you sent is gorgeous! I don’t believe I’ve seen any of the cards you received before. The FB group was fun. I’m already looking forward to next year!

  8. You chose wonderful settings for your cards…..and I love yours.

  9. I loved seeing my Nashville skyline pop-up here, it is the first one of mine I have seen and to make it even sweeter I also have the post card from Stacie and Adrienne.

  10. What fun, Candace, and such beautiful works of art.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Love these sorts of creative projects!

  12. Love the delicate and spring-like postcard you sent out and the way you photographed the ones you received. Such fun swapping!

  13. What a nice idea to send out these cards and give them a setting!

  14. How COOL that you got to link up with someone in real life. That’s happened a couple times to me with online photo classes and it’s been such a blessing. Have fun! See you next time.

  15. I didn’t know there was an Instagram page for the swap! What is the name? I loved all of your photos of each terrific card, and loved reading this! Nice to meet you!

  16. You did a great job of providing an appropriate setting for their post cards.
    What an interesting exchange! Happy Easter.

  17. All the cards look lovely 🙂

  18. It is so much fun seeing all the art that was liberated! You got a great set.

  19. As usual, the card you sent is awesome and you received some great art too! I L-O-V-E Deanie’s piece! Your presentation of the photos is really nice too! Thanks for sending the postcard to me too. It was such a nice surprise! Hugs!

  20. Candace your card is so lovely! And you put so much effort into your displays of cards received… such a joy to see 🙂 Happy creating to you, and how cool that you and Deanie can meet up! Awesome!

  21. Hi Candace! I love your card and those that you received. Thank you for your comments too 🙂

  22. Oh! I love the postcard you liberated. It is just beautiful. You also received some really special cards in return…four of them I haven’t seen until now. Everyone is so creative don’t you think? I hope to see you next time!

  23. Just stopping by to say hello! Nice cards.

  24. Thanks for this, Candace. I am finally getting to your site (and I just posted the cards I received; I’m a bit slow!) You took beautiful photographs of all of the cards.

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