Water Striders


This is the Waterfront in south Scottsdale, close to Old Town, which used to be my old stomping grounds in my younger days. A couple of years ago, developers made the canal, which used to be back behind a lot of businesses, the focal point of this area.


Now it is very “chic” (something I’m not really looking for in life), and the Waterfront is filled with trendy restaurants, upscale shops, and pricey condos. They frequently have fairs and other events there and the canal itself often is the setting for various art installations.


These are Jeff Zischke‘s Water Striders. A total of 8 twelve-foot long and five-foot tall water strider sculptures are scattered across the surface of the Arizona Canal at the Scottsdale Waterfront from Soleri Bridge and Plaza to the Marshall Way bridge. (I’ve written about another of Jeff Zischke’s works here.)


When I was there the other evening for a get-together, the Striders began to light up in different colors at sunset, and then stayed blue as it turned dark. They were quite interesting.


Here’s a video of how Jeff made them and it looks as though he had the prototypes floating around his swimming pool for awhile.



A view in the opposite direction, still under development, I think.

Grackle at WF

And here’s a friend I met at the Waterfront, above.


6 thoughts on “Water Striders

  1. Oh I love the Water Striders! And what a great video – looks like they had fun with every part of the project.

    And while I love all your bird photos, that is a especially wonderful one. 🙂


  2. I was just starting my late-night canal explorations when they started ripping up the old and somewhat decrepit stuff in this area to replace it with what ultimately became The Waterfront. The trendy stuff is not for me either–a salon to get your hair blow dried, really? But some of the old non-trendy places still live on–Kyoto, Petite Maison, Alcuin books, Scottsdale Pen, a few others. And I’m hoping Bario Queen lives a long, long time, what a great place. The striders are perfect, and I would like to see them stay a long time, too.


  3. The striders have an interesting name. I like how you got pictures of them in the daytime and with varied colors at night. The whole area looks very appealing.


  4. I love them at night!!! I always wonder what “cool” things I would show people from out of state, this definitely seems like it should be on the list!


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