May Day

Quail on Post



Fountain Grass


Pepper Tree_edited-1

Palo Nest

Marc's Roof


Pom Bloom_edited-1

Pomegranate 2

Navajo Chant_edited-1

Beauty is before me. And beauty behind me. Above and below me hovers the beautiful.

~Navajo Chant


8 responses to “May Day

  1. I like all of these photos, but the one of the quail just blows me away!

  2. These are so pretty, Candace, and I just love that quote.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. A fine series that fits the Navajo chant. Very good flower shots. Will these survive the summer, or do other plants come to the forefront?

  4. What a beautiful time of year! I especially love the lighting on the fountain grass. I wonder what kind of nest is in the palo verde, nice find. 🙂


    oh I love that Navajo chant. And thank you SO much for the postcard! I’ve been so involved in things, I didn’t participate this year (but will next year again). I’m going to send you one of my cards too. What a beautiful photo on the card you sent me – lovely

  6. Beauty indeed….looks like your world is full of it, Candace! Nice designs and the quail capture – very cool! Enjoy all that lovely color around you.

  7. Beautiful photos

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