Pretty Posers


We always have several Anna’s hummingbirds around but they’ve been extra prolific the last several days. When I was taking these 3 shots below, there were actually 8 hummingbirds flying around, dive-bombing, chattering away!


I like how this guy is totally aligned with the background colors, except when the sun glints on his head and reveals his red feathers, below.



There are some other butterflies around but they’re not cooperating like the skippers.





And Svengali is always ready to pose for the camera. He and I were enjoying a relaxing morning on the porch…with the blooming hibiscus.

Sveng on Bench

Hibiscus by Bench

Verdin Hanging

I’ve never seen the verdins on this particular feeder, above. They are almost as tiny as the hummingbirds.


Bzzzzz……says the leafcutter bee.


The mockingbirds are always willing to pose.




4 thoughts on “Pretty Posers

  1. Those little hummingbirds are just adorable, Candace. We’ve had the feeders out for a while now, but I’ve only seen just one. We had a sad lack of them for whatever reason, last year. Hopefully it won’t be the same this year.


  2. At my parents’ house, a woodpecker takes turns on the hummingbird feeder. He hangs upside down to drink. It’s so cute! I’ll have to try and get a pic soon.


  3. These are such fine pictures of the hummingbirds. I like the one was the sun lighting the bird’s neck. I enjoyed the variety in your post with the butterflies and birds.


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