My Day Off with Birds




I was off work today and wanted to go to the 7am Bird Walk at the Desert Botanical Garden. I was up, really, but after feeding kitties and all, I just didn’t get there in time for the walk but I did go on my own a little later (it is so hot today, though, that I could only tough it out for a little over an hour). I didn’t get any new-to-me birds but I got better shots of two kinds of birds than I’ve gotten before.


I love verdins and we have them in our yard. I even got some photos yesterday but the tiny little things are so fast and always stay under cover of branches that it’s hard to get a sharp shot of them…’til today. There were 2 of them chattering to each other in this mesquite tree.

Flower DBG with Rumi quote

I saw this quote on one of those memorial benches there and loved it.


And here’s the other bird I got some close-up shots of, Arizona’s state bird, the cactus wren.



This guy, foraging for insects in the mesquite bark, I guess, was very loud!



I was pleased to get these shots. Stay tuned for more photos from the DBG. This time of year, when it’s so miserably hot, I have to parcel out my photos so that I don’t run out…




10 thoughts on “My Day Off with Birds

  1. You did get some great shots! I’ve always loved the Cactus Wrens, but I’m not familiar with the Verdins. I see that their range doesn’t reach this far north, but I’ve been trying to get a good look at a bird that seems to have the same traits: small quick and very elusive. Also has yellow on it.


    1. It does look as though I took it from above but actually the little guy was hanging sideways on a branch so it was just a full-on shot. Verdins are very acrobatic. Yes, it’s a new lens, it’s the new 18-300mm Nikkor lens…because I don’t like to switch lenses outside and 200mm was the highest telephoto I had before so the 300mm helps with the bird shots 🙂 How did you know?


  2. You got some fine shots of that elusive verdin. Taking the extra heat for an hour is impressive to me. 😉 I looked up the Cactus Wren so I could listen to the bird’s machine gun-like cackle. Fun to hear.


  3. great pics- birds are so hard to get- we are loving our Bullock Orioles right now, had cedar wax wing pair for a couple days, and waiting for te return and passing by of the Grossbeaks. It’s fun to see all your birds there!


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