June in My Yard


June is officially the hottest month of the year in Phoenix. Temperatures have hit 110 already several times. But my yard is still hopping with desert-tolerant creatures.


This Giant Swallowtail has been making daily appearances but never lighting long enough for a good shot until yesterday.

White-Winged Dove

White-Winged Doves with blue eyeshadow abound…

Mock 5.31.14

…as do the ever-present, entertaining Northern Mockingbirds.

Hum 6.7.14

The hummingbirds are always in our yard, fortunately, eating from the feeders.  I had assumed that all those I see are Anna’s but now I’m wondering if some are Costa’s. They’re very similar and, unless the light hits them just right, it’s hard to see their gorgets in detail.

2 Hums Cavorting

The verdins are around, too, always hard to shoot, and I don’t think I can top the shots I got at the Desert Botanical Garden in my last post but here are a couple from today in our yard.

Verdin 6.7.14

Verdin2 6.7.14

These are the kinds of shots I usually get of them, below, through leaves. They’re very flighty and fast-moving but so pretty.


Finch Girl

Finches, of course, as well as starlings, grackles, thrashers, and sparrows also pass through. And, I was shocked today to see a Gila Woodpecker in our tree but I only got one blurry shot of him before he took off. That’s the first time I’ve ever seen one in our yard so I hope he will come back to pose.

The photos in this post, my previous post, and part of the post before that were taken with my new AF-S DX Nikkor 18-300mm f/3.5-6.3G ED VR lens. I love it! It was a splurge for me but I wanted more telephoto than my 55-200mm lens provided, yet I still wanted wide-angle without having to change lenses outside. I was liking the bokeh a lot on my 55-200 but I’m beginning to like it on the new one as well. The lens is pretty lightweight considering its range. 5 hearts from me. ♥♥♥♥♥

18-300 combined

(The tree, above, is almost in the exact middle of the top 18mm photo.)



5 thoughts on “June in My Yard

  1. The butterfly photos are superb!
    Your new lens makes a lot of sense. I have a 70 – 300mm and like it, but yours would replace it and one of my other ones as well.


  2. Today we went to sit and chill by a lake. At least five butterflies flew by me just to tease me and not let me take a picture of them… I hope to attract some birds to our yard. I have seen finches at a neighbors home and so I put a feeder out and so far nothing> I will wait and be patient. Love your photos!


  3. A very entertaining series as always. You get some excellent shots with lots of variety. I use that same lens on my Nikon. It’s wide range does everything I need. Those butterfly shots are spectacular!


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