Early June at the DBG

Sag Close

Here are a few more shots from the other day when I went to the Desert Botanical Garden. (Click on photos for more detailed views.)

Bee at DBG

Dove at DBG_edited-1

Gazania at DBG

Ground Squirrel

“I have alien eyes.”

Hummer at DBG

Lavender Flower at DBG

Purp Flower DBG

Queen at DBG 1

Red Cactus Flower  Sulphur 6.2.14

Sunflower at DBG



6 thoughts on “Early June at the DBG

  1. Great photos, Candace! I still look at Phoenix with nostalgia, but I doubt that I could handle the climate now. I’d love to visit the DBG, but in winter, not summer. Tonight it is 57 here with a gentle rain falling.


  2. Love the cactus shot. . .you’re still my favorite urban
    poet with the camera. I never knew what people loved about Phoenix.. .but you have shown me a few things!


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