Bird Stuff


Just a few more bird and bird-related photos…all taken during a very hot June.


This is a long feather, at least 6 inches. Hawk? Owl?

Hum Bubbler



Mock Bubbler

“My turn.”

Broken Egg_edited-1


Birds on Lakeshore

“Keepin’ cool…”

Some of these were taken at home, some at the Franciscan Renewal Center, and the last one at Marguerite Lake in Scottsdale. It was 108 degrees when the birds were at the bubbler…


14 thoughts on “Bird Stuff

  1. How do you all maintain in that heat. .. .I have known days in Phoenix to be as hot as 126 with heat reverberating off the concrete.


  2. Lovely bird images- never get any luck capturing humming birds- or any other bird for that matter, they always seem to fly off. Holy Smokes 108 degrees? Wow we topped off at42 yesterday.


    1. We have them year-round here in Phoenix and we have 2 feeders in our yard so there are always several around. I guess they’re used to me and pose a little. Thank you.


  3. Wow! The patience it must take to shoot birds. Some of these bird names I have never even heard of. My avatar is the only bird picture I have and that is only because my husband was sitting in our hot tub and we had a feeder close by, total fluke. Great work here.


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