Lake Shots

Aflac Duck

“Take my picture, take my picture!”

Stilt 2_edited-1

Black-Necked Stilt at Camelback Lake in Scottsdale, above, and the Aflac duck at the beginning.

Geese Swimming

I stopped by some of the local Scottsdale lakes on a couple of afternoons after work last week: Marguerite Lake, Camelback Lake, and Chaparral Lake (yes, Scottsdale has a lot of lakes; there are plenty more).

Mallard Female

2 Ducks


If ducks aren’t Mallards, I don’t know what they are…I think the white ones are  Pekin Ducks but I wouldn’t swear to it.


Below is a surprise bird that I may have not noticed if some young guy who was fishing on the shore hadn’t pointed him out to me. He was hiding up in a pine tree, overlooking the water, maybe hoping to share in the guy’s catch.

DSC_4784 Crop

Black-Crowned Night Herons are the most common heron in North America but this is only the 2nd I’ve seen. The last one was last year at a different Scottsdale lake. I mostly see Great Blue Herons and Great Egrets at these lakes (although I didn’t see any of them last week).



DSC_4785He’s laughing at me.



6 thoughts on “Lake Shots

  1. Never saw a night heron.. thanks for sending the photos. Many of these lake birds and ducks, though, are in this area. Burns/Hines is one of the great birding areas I’ve ever been to.


  2. I remember all of the ducks in the lakes down there. I always enjoyed them.

    The Night Heron is really pretty. I’ve never seen one. We have quite a few blues here though. And lots of ducks. I saw a beautiful wood duck a week or so ago.


  3. Love the last shot- too funny- I think he is laughing at you. That is neat that you have lakes near by- birds are fun to capture. We said good bye to the Canadian geese they all went home and I think the blue birds are soon to fly as well.


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