Granada Park


When I go to one of the city lakes, I feel gypped if I don’t see herons, egrets, or…cormorants! So I was not disappointed as I walked around the 2 lakes at Granada Park because I saw this guy! I think he’s a Neotropic Cormorant.


Drying his wings, he briefly tolerated my attention…


And then didn’t anymore. I saw him a little later on the other side of the lake but he took off again when he saw me.


There were Killdeer(s)…


And a Lesser Scaup…love his little spiked hairdo.

Mallard and Crested Baby

I felt bad when I saw this mama mallard with only one duckling since I’m sure the others met unfortunate ends. Then I noticed the little pouf on the back of the baby’s head (click to enlarge) and thought it might have something wrong with it but, when I got home and read, I discovered that it is “crested,” which occurs sometimes with mallards but isn’t really a deformity. I think she looks cute with that little bonnet.


This is the setting for Granada Park, in the center of Phoenix, at the base of Piestewa Peak, part of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. And, yeah, I was just about the only one there because it was the hottest part of the (hot) day.


4 thoughts on “Granada Park

  1. The lake sure looks nice, although I think I’d have to be standing in it with the temps you have been having. We’ve been in the high 80’s here and think we are cooking!

    About ten miles up river from here there is a relic, a cable across the river that can be crosses with a suspended basket. I think it still works, but the basket is locked up. Every summer a number of cormorants show up and fish the river then hang out on that cable, sometimes as many as a dozen at once.


  2. I’m glad your trip in the hotter part of the day paid off with some fine pictures of these birds. I enjoyed seeing them and especially that baby with the crest.


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