My Yard This Evening

Hawk 7.9.14

Look who’s back! I haven’t taken any photos of our neighborhood Harris’ Hawks in awhile. There are 4 who hang around but tonight I saw 2 of them right before dusk.

Hawk 2 7.9.14

This is #2. These photos are all high ISO because of the fading light, which is not my favorite way to take photos. I’ve gotten better hawk shots in the past like these.

2 Hawks 7.9.14

Hum 7.9.14

And at the other end of the size spectrum, but equally formidable, are all these little regulars, the Anna’s Hummingbirds.

Hum Fly 7.9.14

Sven 7.9.14

Svengali loves when we spend time outside with him and the other outdoor cats. He loves the attention.

Moon 7.9.14

Almost a full moon!


6 thoughts on “My Yard This Evening

  1. I just love your little hummingbirds, Candace. So far this summer, I have only seen one at your feeders. I really am hoping for more.

    Svengali looks quite content! He is such a handsome fella!


  2. Backyard watching in my yard too. . hawks, robins attacking my service berries, quail, phalaropes in the air at dusk. . .deer, lots of them, including fawns that don’t always know how to get out (we keep the fence gate open), the wild kingdom right in the middle of the city. Keep up these posts, Candace, I love them.


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