The Phoenix



It’s been so hot (116 today) and humid the last few days that I haven’t taken any photos. Here are some from last week on cloudy days during our monsoon season.


Someone’s nest blew down during the strong winds but I didn’t see any evidence of occupation so I’m assuming it was an old nest.


It’s only 3 inches across, too big for a hummingbird nest, not the right construction for a verdin nest, and too small for most of the other birds I’ve seen around here so it’s a mystery to me who built it. But I’m keeping it and thinking of a way to display it.

Phoenix Bird 4

This 18 foot tall piece, The Phoenix, located at the Shops at Town & Country, close to where I live, is by artist Paul Coze (1903-1974). He was a French-American anthropologist, artist, and writer, most notable as a French authority on Native Americans, and for his public art in the 1960s. Settling in Phoenix full-time in 1951, he founded an art school and created nine major pieces of public art in the city, including large multimedia installations at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, and other civic landmarks, most with Native themes. Coze provided artistic designs for Arizona’s celebration of 50 years of statehood, The Arizona Story, in 1962 (Wikipedia).

I’m hoping for a little bit of a cool down so I can head back out and get some more shots soon…


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