Birthday Bird


Today’s my birthday so I thought I would commemorate it by trying to get a photo of my “Zodiac Bird.” You can find yours here. I succeeded but this is the time of year they are molting (I just found out today) so they don’t spread their plumage much. I was hoping for a more dramatic shot…and maybe finding a feather but neither of those worked out.


There were several Peacocks at historic, pretty Sahuaro Ranch in Glendale.



I’ll have to go back in the fall when it’s a lot more pleasant and they have their feathers again.


And there were Peahens, too, of course.


They were in the shade. I was the only one dumb enough to be out in the sun. There were also some bonus birds ~ Helmeted Guineafowl:


I like their feather pattern, kind of tweed-ish.



“Leave me alone!”

8 thoughts on “Birthday Bird

  1. Love peacocks. Had no idea there were ‘zodiac’ birds, so I had to look it up. In the original ‘zodiac’ ‘circle of animals,’ only the eagle is linked to Scorpio. Apparently for Gemini, many horoscope gurus say its a parrot.

    “From Southern India, a land where astrology has long been venerated and revered as a source of both practical and spiritual guidance, there is a little know astrology system which relates birds to the horoscope. Its called the Pancha Pakshi Zodiac. The words translate five and birds respectively. The five is for the elements, fire, water, air, earth and ether (spirit). The birds originally ruling the five elements are the peacock, chicken, owl, vulture and crow.
    Then there’s a bunch of info on finding your horoscope ‘spirit’ bird guide. Who wudda thought!


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