Blue or Gray?


Birdies look better against blue…but lately we’re seeing more gray…it’s that time of year here…




Everyone watching and waiting to see if it will be just rain or the usual thunder, lightning, and violent winds…

Waiting for the Storm


Starling 2


H-Bird 8.2.14

Monsoon  Monster

Here comes the monsoon monster roaring in…



7 responses to “Blue or Gray?

  1. Great monsoon photos! I hope you get lots of rain soon!

  2. I used to love the monsoon season there. Still do, because it sometimes sends a little rain up this way too.

  3. I always love to see your feathered friend, Candace, and that sky is just amazing!

  4. Those white skies remind of our many “white sky” days here. I like the bird shots and that storm clouds are very dramatic.

  5. The birdies look so sweet and I love your dark cloud pictures. In Tucson we’ve had many gray days but not much rain yet.

  6. Big Blue is good and also small gray lol

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