Super Hummer

Super Hum

It’s almost the Supermoon (again)! I know…I need to shoot things other than my little hummers…but it’s too hot to go out and about so my yard is my photo destination.


Either the male Anna’s Hummingbirds are more plentiful or they’re braver because the ones that let me close to them are boys. And I’m not always photographing the same bird because I sometimes see 4 or 5 at the same time.



Here’s a twofer…both males…

Hum 2fer

I can only get the girls at the feeders…


This one below was taken when it was almost dark so it’s grainy from high ISO but I like that the setting sun is catching his red head.


I have a bird totem to help channel my inner bird…

Bird Totem

So are you going to shoot the supermoon? I might try again on Sunday but right before dusk like I did on the top shot so that I don’t have to use a tripod. I always have cats weaving around the tripod legs if I put it out in my yard and I really don’t want my camera to have an unfortunate accident.


6 responses to “Super Hummer

  1. I enjoyed seeing your “yard” pictures. You got some excellent close up that seem surprising. I’m glad the birds are that friendly.

  2. I love your hummer photos! They are terrific.

  3. I agree with montucky- great shots, nice that you got some close ups of the humming birds too- their colors are so beautiful.

  4. You got some great photographs, Candace.
    I absolutely LOVE the first one, and what a perfect title for this post.

    Happy Sunday to you!

  5. Gorgeous photos! I always admire people that are able to get great wildlife shots!

  6. They are beautiful birds in the sight of the moon!

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