DSC_5414 crop

This is a White-Belted Ringtail that was sipping from our lantana over the weekend. I was photographing Skippers and didn’t even see him at first. Click photo to enlarge and see his beautiful, shimmering wings.

Last year Tony photographed one of these in our yard and, soon after, I was able to find several kinds of dragonflies to photograph at Watson Lake.

Here are a couple other views of him but I like the first one best.




8 responses to “Ringtail

  1. Beautiful capture. we are seeing more of them by the lake this year- their wings are so amazing close up.

  2. Here’s how I learn the names of some of the lovely creatures. Great

  3. Candace, those wings are gorgeous!
    Makes me think of the finest lace.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Those photos are spectacular! Beautiful creature!

  5. It does take the enlarged view to fully appreciate the excellence of your capture of this beauty. Excellent detail!

  6. Oh! a very beautiful dragonfly, I do not know here! fantastic capture!
    ‘m Back from holidays – a good week for you

  7. That dragonfly is incredibly beautiful and your pictures are exquisite!

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