Lake Margherite


I took another walk around Lake Margherite in Scottsdale by where I work last week. I love it there. This is a small heron that I think may be a Green Heron but I’ll never really know for sure. He may also be a Night-Crowned Black Heron, which I have seen before here (see my previous walk around this lake)~sadly, I have always spelled the lake’s name wrong until now).


Whatever he is, he didn’t much care for the attention and flew to the other side for some privacy.

And here are a few more sights around the lake:

Dragonfly 8.15.14

Hawk 8.15.14


All the trees are numbered.

Crested Mallard 8.15.14

Remember a couple months ago when I saw a baby crested mallard at another lake in town? Well, here’s an adult one swimming with her friends.

DSC_5488 square

DSC_5489 square

DSC_5484 square

And a lovely Giant Swallowtail flying over the lake.

Lake View_edited-1

This is the lake from the far end, it curves some so you can’t see the whole thing. One of the benches…

Relax Bench

I did.


8 responses to “Lake Margherite

  1. Just looking at your lovely photos makes me relax and enjoy.

  2. Lovely and peaceful photos!

  3. A nice little tour of the lake and a beautiful nature! Bravo for the butterfly in flight
    Have a good Sunday!


    how nice to be able to join you in this journey around the lake

  5. What a treasure a lake like that is in your area!

  6. You have a beautiful lake near where you work. I like the variety of shots you got of the creatures you spotted. Well done, Candace.

  7. I ask you, can it get any better?
    Amazing capture of the butterfly- what a lovely spot to spend the day.

  8. How fortunate you are to work close by to such a beautiful place, Candace. I love these photographs, especially the butterfly.

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