August in My Yard

Hum 8.16.14 crop_edited-1

As August draws to an end and we head into autumnal September here are some  shots taken in my yard over the last few days. When I sit out there on weekend mornings to see who might drop by, I am usually rewarded. (Click on photos for more detail.)

Hum 8.23.14_edited-1

I would guess that most any little piece of land must have the same sort of diversity and frequency of visitors if you are looking for them. I know that photography has helped me to be more aware of the world around me.

Bee 2 8.24.14

Skip  8.22.14

DSC_5508 no wm

The Harris’ Hawks often swoop by briefly.

Mock 8.10.14

Lately the Northern Mockingbirds seem more sparse than usual and I hope they will come back in full force because I enjoy their antics.


Female Verdin, above.


Male Verdin, above. This cute tiny couple loves to eat at the hummingbird feeders, too.

Gila Wdpkr

The Gila Woodpecker (above) has made several forays into our silk oak tree but he quickly flies off so I haven’t captured him well yet. Here is one I photographed at Desert Botanical Garden a few months ago. I hope this handsome guy will let me get a better shot of him at some point.

Forest Cat

Okay, this is a slight cheat above…I was in my yard but the Phoenician Forest Cat was right across the street in my neighbor’s yard. He’s a beautiful cat and, oddly, he isn’t ours. He never seems to come to our house for food so I am assuming/hoping he is someone’s cat. He (or she) is very prettily marked. I loved the way he was in shadow but the sun hit him as he looked up.

Hum 2 8.22.14

There was a time a couple of years ago when I thought the hummingbirds were elusive. They must be used to us now because I can often get very close to them.

9 thoughts on “August in My Yard

  1. Oh beautiful birds! You need to have a nice space to be welcoming you to this diversity
    Beautiful raptor (number 5 )
    Nice picture as the hummingbird
    You’re good at the lookout animal !!
    Have a good day


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