Chillaxin’ at a Tiny Lake


On the Friday before Labor Day weekend, I left work early and drove home by a different route. I had forgotten about this very small lake in Scottsdale and have not been there in years. I had a feeling someone special might be there and I was right. It always seems special to me to see a beautiful Great Egret.



I love the catchlight in his eye above (click photo to enlarge).


He found my interest annoying and flew to the other side but that didn’t daunt me, I followed him around…although I had to walk 🙂


He was so gorgeous I couldn’t stop snapping and he was kind enough to let me get fairly close.



This was my first glimpse of him, above. It almost looks like autumn but it’s nowhere near to it here in Phoenix.


A squirrel family resides there, too. I saw several but they were shy and ran back down their hole.

Mallard Closeup

And ducks, of course, congregate anywhere there is water. This female Mallard had just hopped out of the water (click to see the water drops on her feathers).


Such a quiet little secluded lake. A couple people were fishing when I arrived but they left and, other than animals, I only saw one or 2 others riding their bicycles through. A perfect beginning to a holiday weekend…


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