Back to the Falls


I went back to Arizona Falls a couple of weeks ago because I heard there were Green Herons there. Well, they must have been out and about fishing when I was there because I saw none.


I last wrote about Arizona Falls here. Located on the canal, it is a functional hydroelectric plant that furnishes power for 150 homes as well as a public art project called WaterWorks.



There are 2 sets of falls here but there are also some smaller falls. Arizona Falls has been in existence since the early 1900s (in different incarnations) when it used to be a popular picnic destination.


This photo, below, is from my post several years ago but gives you an idea of the current structure. Only one of the falls was running that day.

AZ Falls Distance


I had to amuse myself with capturing water effects and experimenting with shutter speeds.



Spotted Sandpiper 2

The star of the day, for me, was this Spotted Sandpiper, since I’ve never photographed one before.


Gotta get a few more birds in…




This is an interesting and strange place but I would have enjoyed a little more bird action since that seems to be my preference lately.


5 thoughts on “Back to the Falls

  1. Hello
    Thank you for the presentation falls Arizona! a small plant that helps many people around! I ‘appreciate your perspective on the veil of falling water – beautiful realization of this effect to some abstract result
    good week


  2. I like the visit to the Arizona Falls. The bird pictures were a good addition to the falls series. The water shots produced some very usable images. Well done, Candace!


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