My September Yard



DSC_6524  DSC_6527



Anna’s Hummingbirds, always the star of our yard when they pose for me. Their colors change so much depending on how the sun hits them.

American Kestrel

A first in my yard, an American Kestrel, male. He didn’t stay long and I haven’t seen him since. I just didn’t want him eating my hummers or verdins…but he was exciting to see.

Finch 9.13.14

Female and male House Finch.

Finch Red 9.1.14

GW 9.13.14

Everyday that I am able to sit out in my yard in the morning (not enough), this Gila Woodpecker drops by for a quick snack and takes off before I get a good photo.

GW Feather

I like to think this is one of the woodpecker’s feathers…

HH 9.27.14_edited-1

Don’t eat my birds, please, Harris’s Hawk.

H-Bird 3 9.20.14

European Starling 9.27.14

The ubiquitous European Starling, invasive species to all of the US but handsome and entertaining. We don’t seem to have as many Grackles when these guys are around…

House Sparrow 9.13.14

House Sparrow, female, above.

Inca Dove

Inca Dove, above.

Sirius Dragonfly

This dragonfly (a Meadowhawk) is serious about my Sirius XM antenna.

Mock 9.26.14

My Northern Mockingbird friends are hanging around more again.

Verdin 9.13.14

And the little flighty Verdins at the hummer feeders…

Verdin Flying

Look closely. The beautiful may be small. ~ Immanuel Kant

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8 thoughts on “My September Yard

  1. I like the wide variety of birds you saw and photographed in your yard. The hummers are so pretty. I especially like the verdin with its foot up on the feeder tube.


  2. Nice variety of birds, large and small. That must have been a thrill to see a kestrel in your yard. The Inca dove looks so sweet, I’ve only seen them at the Desert Museum.


  3. You are a wizard at wild life photography Candace…the humming birds coloring is beautiful!. Kudos for such amazing shots. You have a beautiful September yard!!!


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