Random Shots


Northern Mockingbird, saying his morning prayers, my yard today.

H-Bird 9.27.14

Male Anna’s Hummingbird, my yard.

Skip Raindrops 9.28.14

Fiery Skipper, after the heavy rains last weekend, my yard, and some more after the water evaporated.

Skip 2 9.28.14

Skip 9.28.14

2 Flying

Juvenile and adult Black-Crowned Night Herons, Scottsdale. I was at another little marshy lake there but this was really the only shot I liked much.

HH 9.20.14

Harris’s Hawk, flyover, my house.

Phillip's Purple Bush

My neighbor’s bush, possibly a Butterfly Bush, but I’m not sure…


I guess this is a Grackle but it does not look at all like those in my yard so possibly it’s a Great-Tailed Grackle. He was seen in Glendale.


8 thoughts on “Random Shots

  1. You have no idea how lucky you are, to live in such a wonderful place!!! The best, most interesting thing I’ve seen to date by our home is a lovely red cardinal who periodically visits a tree in our backyard. (But I would gladly trade you!) Fab pictures, Candace.


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