Expert Birders

Sveng and Bird Books

I share an interest with our cats, maybe on a slightly different level, but we do have a common pastime. Meet the Birding Team:

Cats x 9

The indoor researchers: Marbles, Google, Jessi, in the top row, left to right, and the field team: Ebony, Ivory, and Edie (the Triplets), in the 2nd row, and Svengali, Stripey Laurie, and Winky, in the 3rd row. Click on photo to see how exceptionally cute they all are.

Here are some birds I’ve seen in this last week since returning to sunny Phoenix, in my yard, my ‘hood, Papago Park, the Franciscan Renewal Center, and a small lake at a nearby office complex.

Black Phoebe

Black Phoebe

CW Casa

Cactus Wren

Canada Goose Flying

Canada Goose

Green Heron 2

Green Heron


Mallard Hybrid (I think)


American Wigeon


Northern Mockingbird

GC Casa

Gambel’s Quail


Anna’s Hummingbird


8 thoughts on “Expert Birders

  1. With all those cats to help watch, not a bird will escape the proper attention. A fine list of cat pictures (large size looked so much better). I like the post very much.


  2. that’s cute, you and the cats having a similar ‘interest’. 🙂
    Wow, that photo of the Canada Goose has such clarity at the distance — you must have a great lens. Really great shot


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