Golden Hour


Now that the days are shorter, I have a hard time getting any shots on weekdays. I either have to leave work a little early (which seldom happens) or stop somewhere close to work before going home.  Or wait ’til the weekends.

Hum 10.26.14

Sveng Sunlit

Bee Yellow

Lantana and Citrus


Pond Slider_edited-1


The above shots were taken in the late afternoon light at home, a little office complex lake by my house, or the Franciscan Renewal Center. This is the Franciscan Renewal Center’s motto below, which kind of sums it all up:

Peace and Good

Halloween Bonus

(Click on photo if it isn’t animated.)



9 responses to “Golden Hour

  1. The late afternoon light can be wonderful for photos! The shot of the hummer is gorgeous!

  2. Even the sun and the beautiful colors before the fall !!
    I like this bird, excellent portrait
    A nice effect in materials with cactus
    Great weekend!

  3. Hummingbird is a beauty!

  4. An interesting post as usual. I like your pictures of the animals and plants around your area. Do I understand correctly that you don’t have Daylight Saving Time. I wish we’d drop that bothersome event twice a year.

  5. Wonderful to see the plants and animals in that beautiful golden lighting and I love your little animated spider!


    Happy Halloween and what a great photo of the cat!

  7. Candace, that hummingbird is pure magic. I have never seen one so beautiful.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. These are fabulous photos!

  9. Love all of these! Beautiful work, as usual!

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