Golden Hour


Now that the days are shorter, I have a hard time getting any shots on weekdays. I either have to leave work a little early (which seldom happens) or stop somewhere close to work before going home.  Or wait ’til the weekends.

Hum 10.26.14

Sveng Sunlit

Bee Yellow

Lantana and Citrus


Pond Slider_edited-1


The above shots were taken in the late afternoon light at home, a little office complex lake by my house, or the Franciscan Renewal Center. This is the Franciscan Renewal Center’s motto below, which kind of sums it all up:

Peace and Good

Halloween Bonus

(Click on photo if it isn’t animated.)



9 thoughts on “Golden Hour

  1. An interesting post as usual. I like your pictures of the animals and plants around your area. Do I understand correctly that you don’t have Daylight Saving Time. I wish we’d drop that bothersome event twice a year.


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