Who’s Migrating?


Not these guys, they’re here in force year-round, the Rosy-Faced Lovebirds, feral descendants of tame birds that survive well in the Phoenix area. But this is the time for the migrating birds to start showing up for the winter, along with the other snowbirds we get.

So last weekend at Granada Park in central Phoenix, close to where I live, I checked out who was around:

WC Sparrow 2

WC Sparrow

White-Crowned Sparrows make their annual reappearance this time of year.

Wigeon Female

Wigeon Male

Wig M LM 2

Flocks of American Wigeons descend on our fair city. They make the cutest sounds, not quacks at all.


More American Coots with their funny feet arrive.


The wild Mallards show up although I’m not sure if this is a pure one since we have Mallard hybrids around all year.

RN Duck 2

RN Duck Female 2

RN Duck Female

RN Duck Flock

2 RN Ducks Male

RN Duck Male

The small, elegant Ring-Necked Ducks (also known as Blackjacks) make their presence known as flocks fill up the local lakes.


The European Starlings were watching the arrivals with me.

Mourning Dove

I see a lot of doves but not usually Mourning Doves.

Nest 2

I guess this might be a hawk nest? It was almost 2 feet long but it was just slightly above eye level so I can’t imagine a hawk having a nest that low. I’ll be going back to this park this weekend to see who else might be in town and maybe I’ll find the resident.

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12 responses to “Who’s Migrating?

  1. You are getting our summer friends now. I did see some very cold Robins this morning though.

  2. I can’t get enough of those lovebirds. When my wife mentioned see ran across a local group of them a few blocks away, I had to race off to see them. They seem fickle, moving their groups from place to place.

  3. love this series, especially the ‘directing’ duck one…. the water looked amazing in the shot as well

  4. Your white-crowned sparrows are so sweet, I haven’t seen any in my area yet this season. That nest is a curiosity being so low…

  5. We have a lovebird. I can’t imagine seeing him in the wild. I love the picture of the coot! I’ve only ever seen them in the water. I didn’t know they had such interesting feet. Great shots, Candace.

  6. Great series, yes, I also liked the group photo with the ‘directing’ duck!

  7. A fine series of the migrating birds. We have some shift from summer to winter, but it is rather limited. I enjoyed your post very much.

  8. Candace, I have had robins in my yard maybe 3 times over the years. Really fun to see them here. Great post, thanks.

  9. I always love seeing your feathered friends, Candace!
    It must be wonderful to see lovebirds in the wild. If we see them here, there are most definitely someone’s pet.
    I wonder…just how does that bird, perch on a cactus??? Ouch!

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  10. You’re very lucky to live next to this Park – a very large diversity of birds and not too fierce for pictures that are very good quality – thank you for this new supervision! nice week

  11. dianeschuller.com

    wow you really captured some beauties Candace.

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