Verdins 101

DSC_8008 crop

Verdins are tiny (3.5 to 4 inches), vocal songbirds of the desert southwest. This one, above, hangs out in our yard a lot with his (or her) mate. The males and females look the same, which is unusual in the bird world.


They love to drink the sugar water in the hummingbird feeders. As many as we have in our ‘hood, I had yet to see one of their intricate nests…

But when I was at Granada Park the other day, I finally saw a Verdin building a nest. They typically build several nests per year, some for breeding and some for roosting. It’s in a pine tree but they took advantage of the pine cones to make it sturdier, stylish and seasonal. All it needed were some Christmas lights 🙂


Below you can see the Verdin taking a feather into the nest. Click on photo to enlarge it.

Nest x 4

And here he (or she) is emerging. The entrances are usually on the bottom of the nests.

DSC_8065 crop

They should have a nice, cozy nest for the winter.



7 thoughts on “Verdins 101

  1. A very nice observation and beautiful pictures of this little – Already snow ;-))…. dummy for Christmas !! yet you have a beautiful blue sky, gray and fog here !! Have a good week


  2. The Verdin is a very pretty bird. I don’t know how many others would be nests whose entrance is on the bottom. I like your close ups of this bird. Excellent detail and color.


  3. Looking at the little Verdin’s nest, I was struck by how much is resembled a Chihully glass sculpture. Thank you for sharing the info and photos of such a cool bird that I have never had the pleasure to see. 🙂


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