New Year 2015

Mock Berry

May the fruits of your labor blossom in the New Year!



Christmas joy reflected in  Google’s eyes. All the cats had a fun Christmas. Even Ivory…

I Roof

H Feeder

New hummer feeder to add to our others. It was a gift, probably not the best design but pretty.


“Needs work.”


Hanging out at a few lakes and parks as the year winds down. Today I saw a juvenile bald eagle and got some shots but they’re pretty bad so I probably won’t post them. Nevertheless, it was exciting and I’m looking forward to many more birds (and butterflies, etc.) in the coming year.


Ring in 2015! Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “New Year 2015

  1. Yep, that rustic birdhouse is fit for a Hillbilly Wren! 🙂 Happy New Year, wishing you good health, prosperity, and many blessings! As always love and admire you pictures.

  2. The glass feeder looks beautiful in the sunlight, the hummers are sure to be attracted to it. Lovely kitties, mockingbird and ornament reflection!
    Happy New Year!

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