New Year 2015

Mock Berry

May the fruits of your labor blossom in the New Year!



Christmas joy reflected in  Google’s eyes. All the cats had a fun Christmas. Even Ivory…

I Roof

H Feeder

New hummer feeder to add to our others. It was a gift, probably not the best design but pretty.


“Needs work.”


Hanging out at a few lakes and parks as the year winds down. Today I saw a juvenile bald eagle and got some shots but they’re pretty bad so I probably won’t post them. Nevertheless, it was exciting and I’m looking forward to many more birds (and butterflies, etc.) in the coming year.


Ring in 2015! Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “New Year 2015

  1. Yep, that rustic birdhouse is fit for a Hillbilly Wren! 🙂 Happy New Year, wishing you good health, prosperity, and many blessings! As always love and admire you pictures.


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