My January Yard

Hum 1.10.15_edited-2


We seriously have about 8 Anna’s Hummingbirds zipping through our yard at any one time…dive-bombing, zooming right up in our faces, feeding, having territorial disputes, courting, whatever…

Gila Woodpecker 1.11.15

This male  Gila Woodpecker has been visiting our half-dead Silk Oak tree for months but never stops for more than a few seconds…until the other day.

Autumn Mock

Northern Mockingbird, always regulars in our yard.

Thrasher 1.11.15

Curve-Billed Thrasher

Verdin 1.10.15

Verdins hang out here, too, and visit the hummer feeders.

Autumn Tree

Winter in Phoenix looks a little like autumn in other places.

Autumn Hum_edited-1

Bee 1.10.15

The bees are coming back to our African Sumac trees which they love in the spring. These trees will be covered in bees in a few weeks.

The outdoor cats are usually in our yard or close by…



Autumn Stripes

Stripey, pretending it’s Autumn




Ivory (she was grumpy before Grumpy Cat)

Edie 2

Edie, our only true feral cat (sibling to tame Ebony and Ivory)

Our other outdoor cat, Winky, actually lives in our neighbor’s house most of the time with his dog and comes over to our house to dine. Kind of a strange arrangement but it works for Winky yet doesn’t provide many photo ops for me.

Hummingbird Bonus Shots






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5 thoughts on “My January Yard

  1. You have a great opportunity to have all these beautiful birds around you !! a pleasure to watch them through your pictures !!! And winter is not really winter, it’s cool !have a nice weekend


  2. A fine series today. I’m glad the Gila Woodpecker paused longer than usual to you could get this fine shot of it. A wonderful list of pretty birds and cats with very interesting attitudes.


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