Respite from the Madness


I found this “secret” place the other day, which I think will remain untouched by the influx of the “millions” of visitors expected in Phoenix over the next week or so: first for the Pro Bowl, followed by the Phoenix Open, and culminating with the Super Bowl.


Ugh, I dread the drive to work which is close to where the Phoenix Open will be and goes past numerous resorts which will be jam-packed full of people rushing to all the concerts, restaurants, and events. I should have asked for the week off…


The big party place at the Phoenix Open is called the “Birds Nest.” A lot of drunken revelers will be there trying to score, one way or another. I’d rather be at this bird’s nest, above, but I probably won’t be able to get anywhere other than work or home…and not very easily, at that.

Buttercup Oxalis 1.15

So I’m trying to soak up a little beauty and quiet to remember during all the madness.


Verdin 1.16.15

I don’t like football or golf and I’m too old for drunken revelry so I’m not seeing where the upside to all this is for me. I don’t buy the whole trickle-down economics thing.


Geranium 1.24.15

Mock 2



Verdin Butt 1.16.15

My Verdin friend and I have the same opinion about the next few days.

11 thoughts on “Respite from the Madness

  1. Always so beautiful this little corner of paradise! I have a professional relationship, his son works in Phoenix – it will be seen every year !!
    Have a nice day


  2. I understand your dismay at the influx of visitors. Your post is still impressive for the beautiful images. I hope the commute to work proves less of a problem than you anticipate.


  3. Being non-American I off course don’t have much of a relationship with Super Bowl. As for yourself, at least it’s good for you that you have found a secret respite. And so beautiful. You photos from the respite are simply wonderful.


  4. You have outdone your self Candace- I think this series is my favorite. Just beautiful- I really like how you shot the cactus- so pretty. Thank you for the blog recommendation today to.
    Enjoy your quiet while you can!


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