Super Bowl o’ Birds

The Excitement Builds…

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Corm Fly

Neotropic Cormorant



Grackle Boy

Grackle, male

Grackle Girl

Grackle, female

Finch 1.20.14_edited-1

House Finch, male


American Kestrel, male

Girls Mallards

Mallards, females


Inca Dove


Northern Mockingbird, the cheerleading captain

Mallard Bathing 2

Mallard, male

Mallard Female 11.23.14

Mallard, female


Gambel’s Quail, male


American Wigeons, male and female

Light Mallard 2

Mallard hybrid, female

Mallard Girl

Mallard hybrid, female




Mourning Dove


House Sparrow, female


House Sparrow, male


Mallard, male

Orange Crowned Warbler

Orange-Crowned Warbler

Hum Autumn 2

Anna’s Hummingbird, female

Red Winged BB

Red-Winged Blackbird

Squirrel Superbowl

And a cute little ground squirrel

everyone’s a winner!

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7 thoughts on “Super Bowl o’ Birds

  1. Exceptional new series – I admire identifications you realize – you’re a real expert! bravo – I do not know recognize a male from a female lol

  2. A remarkably large group of fine bird pictures. I like how you are able to identify each which adds to the enjoyment of reading your post. Very well done.

  3. Nice round-up! We missed a lot of species I would have loved to have seen in our recent trip to southeastern AZ, but we saw some great ones too – the Roadrunner, Gambel’s Quail (aren’t they fun!) and the pretty Black-throated sparrows that ate seed outside our window. We should try to come back some spring for the hummingbirds!

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