Duck Duck Goose

Goose in Flight

V Crop


Are you the sort of person who looks up when geese fly over? I always do; they make me happy because they seem so happy. I see them a lot, at home, and around where I work. A couple weeks ago, I was walking into work and a flock flew overhead so I looked up. Then I looked around to see who else might have seen them…hard to miss because they were loudly honking away. Everyone else was looking at their phones or their feet. I’d rather see geese, wouldn’t you?






Here’s the duck portion, a little Duck Drama:





The Victor!


The Victim!


And then they swam away together, with a mediator, letting bygones be bygones.



9 thoughts on “Duck Duck Goose

  1. I’m with you. I’ll go with the wild geese any time! We live close enough to the river that we see and hear them just about every day and I have never tired of them.

  2. We have a huge amount of all kinds of geese here, including the white fronted Northern. . .and many winter over. Love these photos

  3. Great photos – so clean looking. (I found you through Scott). When I lived in and around New York City, Canada geese were hated because they have become pests in many places, but I still look up and smile, like you do. 🙂

  4. I’d go for flying geese over the cell phone any old time! This is a great series of photographs. My favourite is the third one from the top, there is just something about the composition and colours. Very nice.

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