The Letter F

Flicker (Gilded, female)

Flicker 2

Finch (House, female)


Fun (with the Rokinon 800mm Mirror Lens)


Tony gave me this lens for Christmas. You have to shoot all manual and the aperture is fixed at f/8 and the focal length at 800mm so there are limitations but the above shot was handheld. Click to enlarge; I was pleased with the detail. Imagine if it were on a tripod. I’ll be doing more moon shots in the future.




Sveng Fisheye

Sveng Fisheye 2


Tony gave me this fisheye lens a few years ago, too. It’s an awesome lens (Nikkor 10.5mm f/2.8) with very crisp detail. I played with it on one of our recent rainy days.


Fog Light



Fog is an extreme rarity in Phoenix but Super Bowl Sunday morning had a lingering fog for our many out-of-state visitors. Fog shots abounded on Facebook, I just wish I had gotten some pretty ones like many I saw.

This post was brought to you by the letter F.

*This is my 591st post and I started blogging on 2/13/09 so I’m averaging about 100 posts per year and I still love it. Thank you for checking it out.

7 thoughts on “The Letter F

  1. That 800mm lens is a fine lens. The f8 is probably its best resolution f stop. It will be fun to work around this limitation. A tripod would up the resolution although your moon shot is excellent.


  2. Super post the 591 th !!! I have to be a little over 900 !! but I do not run after a record !!
    800 mm, !!oops, I stop to 600 !!! and often show of hands
    I appreciate your first photo of the moment fog –
    Beautiful weekend of st Valentin


  3. This comment is brought to you by the letter F – fabulous fun fotos! Congrats on the long string of wonderful posts – it’s always a delight to stop by and see what you’re up to.


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