The Bigma!


House Finch, male


Northern Mockingbird

Less than a year ago, I got a new camera lens, a Nikkor 18-300mm that I love for its broad focal range, from wide angle to close-ups. I thought the 300mm would be such an improvement from my 200mm for birds and that I would never need another lens.


Wrong! I need a longer focal length for birds. So, while my 18-300mm will remain my main lens, I’ve now added the Sigma 150-500mm to my lineup~the Bigma! (Technically Sigma’s 50-500mm is the lens referred to as the “Bigma,” but this one is almost as long). Weighing in at a petite 4 pounds plus 1.5 pounds for my camera plus battery and straps, I can still handhold it because of its image stabilization feature…but after a couple of hours, it’s heavy.

The first two shots as well as these below were all taken with the Bigma at 500mm or close to it last week. Click photos to enlarge for detail.


Mallard drake


Mallard hen


Ring-Necked Duck drake


Rock Pigeon


Rosy-Faced Lovebird

Hum 2.14.15

Anna’s Hummingbird, male

I’m pleased with the sharpness and there is a big difference, to me, between 300mm and 500mm when it comes to shooting birds. Anything longer than 500mm, I don’t think I can handhold so I think this will be my birding lens for a long time.

A few cat shots with the Bigma:





Ivory 2






And I certainly don’t want to forget Ebony but his photo, below, was taken with the Rokinon 800mm Mirror Lens, also handheld. But that lens is much lighter because it’s a mirror lens.

Ebony 3

And just because Marbles, Google, and Jessi didn’t want to be left out, here are some recent photos of them taken with my main lens.


Goo 2

The boys love to soak up the sun in front of an open door.


Jessi loves her bed and does not love the boys.


8 thoughts on “The Bigma!

  1. Beautiful shots!!!
    Holy smokes Candace- that is some camera- looks like you’ll have a super fun time with the lens, I love your cats- …Winky- what a cutie. Funny how you are attracted to both cats and birds…he.he. You have inspired me-…someday I’ll get a bad boy like that.


  2. Indeed, this is another approach !! and probably worked with a foot in some situations – I look and saves for optical 150/600 Tamron –
    Magnificent series, we will soon see the detail of a head;-)
    The pass bo Sunday


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