Headshots, Etc.

Redhead Drop

Redhead 1

Redhead 3

Redhead drake (lifer)

Egret Profile

Egret Eating

Great Egret

Mallard Girl

Mallard Mouth

Mallards (he’s crested)

Merganser 1

Merganser 3


Common Merganser hen (reminder: I need to get my hair cut)

Killdeer 2



Ring-Neck Boy

Ring-Necked Duck drake

Ring-Neck Girl 1

Ring-Neck Girl 2

Ring-Necked Duck hens

Some of our ducky friends will be heading out soon, back up north. Safe travels, guys. It’s been fun spending time with you.


12 responses to “Headshots, Etc.

  1. You got some extra nice shots before they left! The Red Head is really nice, and the first shot of the Killdeer is elegant!

  2. Great shots Candace! Love the frontal shot of the Killdeer!

  3. Your images are so crisp and clear. Beautiful Candace, did you use your new lens?

  4. It is so nice to view these birds close-up. I never knew the killdeer had an orange eye ring!

  5. Awesome photos of beautiful birds.

  6. An excellent series of head images. I’m glad you got pictures of those who are in the process of moving north. A fine post, Candace.

  7. Great shots, a beautiful definition!

  8. dianeschuller.com

    some really terrific images here … very well done.

  9. Wow, you’ve captured so many. I love the rich colors of these birds and that you find them right in our midst.

  10. The 2 first pictures are so great!

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