Hawk 12

Skye, Red-Tailed Hawk

Falcon 3

Jester, Peregrine Falcon


Quanah, Turkey Vulture

Kestrel Crop

Vito, American Kestrel

Owl Crop_edited-1

Diego, Burrowing Owl

These are all rescue birds from Liberty Wildlife that were imprinted on humans so are unable to live in the wild and are used for education purposes. We saw them last weekend at a birding event put on by a Facebook group I belong to (Birding–Arizona and the Southwest) at Gilbert Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch. They were all beautiful and kindly posed for photos for hours.

More of Skye:

Hawk 8

Hawk 9

Hawk 11

The sky in Skye’s eye…

Hawk 13

Hawk Full

And more of Jester:


Falcon 2


Owl Full_edited-1


6 responses to “Raptors

  1. What gorgeous birds! Who could resist those eyes!

  2. These are marvelous images that convey the nature of these aggressive birds. I wouldn’t want one of them after me! 🙂

  3. I breaks out in view of your pictures !! beautiful portraits !!!
    Bravo, beautiful attitudes

  4. Candace, that owl is gorgeous, and what a beautiful portrait.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  5. Love these
    photos. Passed the URL on to a falconer I know.

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